logo2xWe are a small publishing company based in Los Angeles. All of us are avid gamers and have been for eons. We realized that we needed an avenue to channel our passion and love for Board Games, and decided to make our dreams into reality.

We’ve had a plethora of ideas for new games but needed a place to take them from vision to reality. Somewhere that we could give form to our ideas and help craft fun, engaging ideas, recognize the brilliance of designs from non-US markets, and frankly, help designers get a great game design out to the public. Thus, Gray Mass Games was born.

Our team:

Gary Gray

 I love games and playing games and I have now discovered that I love developing games.  I am learning fast that creating a board game has a lot in common with creating a movie but you do everything yourself.  I have 20 years in the TV and movie industry in Hollywood and still love it, but the best thing about my job is that it gives me freedom to play and develop games.  I look forward to meeting new people and playing games.


Robert Masson

I have been a Gamer pretty much since I could read.  Growing up my Grandparents would give all of us Grandkids boardgames for New Years.  As I grew up I discovered Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs but I always came back to Boardgames.  Now I have a collection of games that is overwhelming my office at home but I can’t help buying new ones!!!!   Working with Gary on Dogs and Senatus has been so much fun!  When we are not working on games I work for a company in Silicon Valley and practice Martial Arts here in Los Angeles.