Press Release – Love Dogs? Gray Mass Games Launches Kickstarter for Dogs Boardgame


February 8, 2017


Gray Mass Games ( is proud to announce the launch of it’s first Board Game, Dogs, on KickStarter (


If you love Dogs, you’ll love our game. Dogs is a board game where each player manages an Animal Rescue Center and travels around city and country locations to collect homeless dogs. Players then bring them back to their Center to be treated for any ailments, fed, loved, and readied for adoption. Players will balance their incomes against the expenses of running the Center.


Dogs blends the uplifting theme of rescuing Dogs with economic realities. You must provide them with food, shelter and care along with the understanding of how to manage finances and assets resulting in a decision-making process about what kinds of dogs to collect and how to spend your resources on that task.


Dogs was designed by Marcos Macri, originally printed (1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions) in Brazil. This is the first English language printing of the game. It’s also the first time it will be available for purchase worldwide. Gray Mass Games has worked closely with the designer and the original artist, Diego Sanchez, providing enhanced game play and stunning art for the English marketplace.


Dogs can host up to 4 players, age 10 and up. It’s a family friendly game typically played in about an hour.


About Gray Mass Games


We are a small publishing company based in Los Angeles. All of us are avid gamers and have been for eons. We realized that we needed an avenue to channel our passion and love for Board Games, and decided to make our dreams into reality.


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